The Genetics Society of Korea ICGSK2015

December 4(fri)~5(sat). 2015 Dec 6th Hanyang university, Seoul Campus
International Conference of the Genetics Society of Korea 2015

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Abstract Submission Deadline : October 31, 2015

The submission of an abstract implies your consent of its publication in the Abstract Book and that the author is willing to participate in the Conference. All presenting authors of abstracts are expected to attend this meeting and register online by October 31, 2015.

Important information
  • ¡¤ Abstracts should be submitted online.
  • ¡¤ Abstracts should be written in English
  • ¡¤ If you are submitting more than one abstract you can use the same login for each abstract.
  • ¡¤ You can alter your abstracts at any time up to the deadline.
  • ¡¤ It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that their text does not contain typos or grammatical errors.
  • ¡¤ No proofreading will be carried out, and no correction will be possible after the submission deadline.

The submission process

  • ¡¤ Log in to the submission system ( when you have prepared your abstract: enter your email address and the password you chose when you registered with the system.
  • ¡¤ you will be taken to a screen from which the submission process starts. Please read the instructions on this screen carefully. If you want to submit a new abstract you should click the link that says ¡°Click here to submit a new abstract¡±.
  • ¡¤ Submitting an abstract is a multi-step process. Each step asks several questions. Some questions are marked ¡°required¡± and you will not be able to complete your submission until these questions have been answered.
  • ¡¤ If you have to stop part way through the process your submission will be held in temporary storage until you return later and complete all the questions. When you log in again you can click on your incomplete abstract and resume submission.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

A. Title
  • - Use a concise title that indicates the content of the abstract.
  • - The first letter of words should be capitalized.
  • - Preposition and article should be lowercased. Don't use italicized letters.
B. Authors & Affiliations
  • - Write authors' full name.
  • - Names and surnames for each author must be provided.
  • - Please use the preferred format of author affiliation.
       (name of department, name of institute, city, postal code, country) ex. Department of Life Science, Hankook University,
       Seoul 100-100, Korea
C. Contents
  • - Abstracts should not exceed 1,200 characters.
  • - Abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted and will not be edited in any way.
  • - Contents may be organized as the author sees fit, though they should include the purpose of the study, the methods used, a summary of the results and the conclusion reached.
D. Keywords
A minimum of five (5) keywords, summarizing the contents of the abstract, should be entered.

If you have any queries about the submission process or you want to withdraw an abstract please contact the conference administrator.